EUAqua Project


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Aquaculture is an important industry in the future industrial development of Europe.


Norwegian and French students together on an Irish seashore

When this is coupled with an ever increasing need for food production world wide and an complimentary increasing amount of high quality sea food being demanded and consumed, there is a need for improved knowledge to utilize the available marine resources.

We need to further develop partnerships between eduction and industry, increasing the quality of the aquaculture education and practical training, with a special emphasis on looking at how participating members have upscaled their industries and introduced new species.

This project will promote cross-border cooperation and increase languages skills, and also stimulating to an increased interest for aquaculture education among youngsters. This invaluable exchange of training/teaching methods, will address some of issues of Europe 2020: increasing employment prospects, reducing drop-out from schools, leading to the improvement of the skills required for the labour market demands.



Increased Knowledge about European Aquaculture